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  • “My son Joseph is a medically fragile, special needs child.  Sven knew how to motivate Joseph and push him through when things were hard for him.  Also, Sven is the first PT that has ever coordinated care with Joseph's doctors and school. I call Sven the "PT Extraordinaire". He really is an extraordinary physical therapist and an extraordinary person.”

    - Amy L.
  • “Sven is a true professional. His motivational skill and creativity, coupled with his extensive knowledge…that have resulted in improvements that are nothing short of amazing. My daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury and needed to relearn almost everything. Under Sven’s care, she was able to move from a wheelchair to running. I will be forever grateful for Sven’s persistent and methodical approach to healing.”

    - Edward J. Hrinda
  • “Sven's skill and experience as a physical therapist were apparent from our first experience with him… We've seen incredible improvement…his advice and input into our child's activity have been invaluable… Our past experience…we've found many were unable to diagnose or understand our children's complex disorders, yet Sven was observant and knowledgeable, noticing what many professionals did not. I highly recommend his services to any and all who have therapy needs.”

    - Jeffrey Anthony
  • “Sven Lynch has been treating my son for 11 months and has played a huge part in his success. Sven's attention to detail, patience, and knowledge has proven invaluable. He is very professional and dedicated to his clients. I confidently recommend Sven and will gladly bring my son back to him if the need arises again!”

    - Kara H.
  • “Sven is a very compassionate, hardworking Physical Therapist, who is always willing to adjust according to his patient’s needs. We are blessed to have had his wise insight over this last year!”

    - Chris and Victoria P.
  • “I was a physical therapy patient of Dr. Sven Lynch for many years. He was continually caring, sincere, motivating, and supportive. Sven put time and effort into my care, as well as making sure it was always satisfactory. He invested in me and my family, making sure all needs were met. I benefited greatly from his treatment. I highly recommend Pittsburgh Concierge Therapy.”

    - Kathryn P.

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